The Caucasian woman who did many surgeries to transform into a black woman

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Martina Big is a Caucasian woman who has undergone many surgeries to transform herself into a black woman. While some people may find her story controversial, there is no denying that Martina's transformation is a surprising one.

Martina was born in Germany in 1988. She was born with pale skin and blonde hair. But while growing up, she always felt like she didn't fit in with the people around her. She was interested in the looks of African women and wanted to look like them.

Martina's transformation began in 2012. She started tanning her skin regularly during that year. Over time, she became obsessed with making her skin darker. In 2017, Martina took things to the next level when she did a controversial thing of taking many melanin injections.

These injections contain a synthetic hormone called Melanotan. This hormone stimulates the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for darker skin color. Martina's skin kept getting darker due to those injections.
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Martina didn't stop her transformation after that. She continued her surgeries by changing the shape of her nose, lips, and hips. She now has a figure that is more representative of African beauty standards. Martina's journey has garnered a lot of attention as well as criticism.

Her critics argue that her transformation is a form of cultural appropriation. Others say that her transformation sends a harmful message to young people, especially those who are struggling with their self-image.

Despite all the criticisms and backlash, Martina continues to defend her transformation. She says that she is merely trying to look the way she feels comfortable with and that her transformation is a personal choice. She also stated that she believes that race is only a social construct.

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