A competition where sleeping is the sport


Sleep is a necessary part of human life. Sleeping was never considered to be a competitive activity until a competition for sleeping was introduced. However, there is a unique and surprising competition that celebrates the art of sleeping: The World Sleep Championships.

The World Sleep Championships is an annual event that invites competitors from around the world to showcase their sleeping abilities. The competition consists of several rounds in which participants are tested on various criteria, including their ability to fall asleep quickly, the quality of their sleep, and the amount of time they sleep.

The competition is organized by the World Sleep Society, an international organization dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of sleep and the promotion of healthy sleep habits. The World Sleep Championships is an opportunity for participants to compete against other sleep enthusiasts from around the world and showcase their sleep skills.

The competition takes place over a course of a few days, during which participants should sleep in specially designed pods equipped with sensors to monitor their sleep patterns. The pods are designed to provide optimal sleeping conditions for competitors and are soundproof.

The competition is divided into several categories. There is a qualifying stage, a head-to-head swiss stage, and finally a knockout stage.

The competition is not only about sleeping, but also about promoting healthy sleeping habits. Participants are encouraged to practice good sleep hygiene and maintain a healthy sleep schedule like avoiding electronic devices before bedtime and sleeping in a relaxed environment.

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