The father who fell in love with his own daughter

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The idea of incest is something that many people consider to be detestable. However, there are some cases when the boundaries of familial love are blurred, resulting in disturbing and bizarre situations. One such case is the story of Jenny Deaves, a daughter who fell in love with her own father, John Deaves.

In 2008, national headlines were made when the news of Jenny and her father being in a romantic relationship went viral. Their story became public after the couple confessed their love on the Australian talk show "60 Minutes" and publicly admitted their relationship.

John Deaves was a 53-year-old man who had been estranged from his daughter for almost 30 years. Jenny, who was 31 at the time, visited her father and his second wife Dorothy. After reconnecting with her father, it led to an incestuous relationship.

The forbidden relationship with his daughter ended his 12 years of marriage with his second wife Dorothy. Dorothy blamed herself for reintroducing him to his daughter. His daughter Jenny was already married and was a mother of 2 kids when she met her father again after a long time. She went on to have 2 more kids with her father. One of their kids died due to congenital heart disease.

When their story became viral, the public was shocked. The idea of a father and daughter being in a romantic relationship was something that most people found morally repulsive. Many argued that such relationships could lead to severe psychological damage and were harmful to both parties.

Despite the public backlash, John and Jenny defended their relationship. They argued that their relationship was consensual and that they were not harming anyone. They also claimed that they were not the only couple in the world who had fallen in love with a family member.

The legal system of Australia did not agree. Incest is illegal in Australia, and John and Jenny were charged with committing a criminal offense. Both of them pleaded guilty to the crime and their relationship came to an end. It took legal intervention for them to end their forbidden incestuous relationship.

Their story raises questions about the limits of familial love and the psychological effects of incestuous relationships. While most people would find the idea of a father and daughter being in a sexual relationship detestable, some say that it's not a problem as long as they don't harm anyone, and this leads to a neverending debate.

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