Scientists find out what causes goosebumps while listening to music


Have you ever been listening to music and suddenly experienced chills running down your spine? This widespread experience, which is known as "musical frisson" has perplexed scientists for years. Recent research, on the other hand, has cast light on the reason why we get chills while listening to music.

When we listen to music, we get shivers because our brains are releasing dopamine, as stated in research that was recently published in the journal called Frontiers in Psychology. When we engage in activities that are pleasurable or exciting, our brains let loose a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which is linked to feelings of happiness and the anticipation of future rewards.

An fMRI scanner was used to monitor the participant's brain activity as they listened to music. The research included a total of 18 participants. The researchers discovered that when the participants felt chills, there was heightened activity in the parts of the brain that are associated with the release of dopamine.

In addition, the researchers discovered that the shivers were more likely to take place during parts of the music that were exceptionally moving or unexpected. The fact that this is the case lends credibility to the theory that the shivers we get when listening to music are a product of the reaction of our brain to the emotional and structural aspects of the music.

In spite of the fact that the research sheds light on the neurological mechanisms underlying the sensation of musical frisson, it is essential to keep in mind that not everyone gets the chills when they listen to music. Additionally, different kinds of music can elicit a variety of responses from individuals, including the sensation of chills.

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