Scientists are trying to bring the extinct dodo back to life


The dodo was a flightless bird that was native to the island country of Mauritius. It became extinct 3 centuries ago. Many years after its extinction, modern scientists are now telling the world that it might be possible to bring the dodo back to life.

De-extinction is a process in which an extinct species is brought back to life through processes like biotechnology or genetic engineering. In this process, scientists use DNA samples from various preserved specimens of extinct species to recreate their genome (the entire set of DNA instructions found in a cell) and use it to recreate the species through a variety of methods, such as genetic engineering or cloning.

In the case of the dodo, scientists are planning to use DNA samples from subfossil remains or preserved specimens to recreate its genome. This genome would then be used to recreate the species through the process known as genetic engineering, where the genetic material will be inserted inside the cells of a living bird species.

The purpose behind the idea of de-extinction is to bring back extinct species and restore balance to the ecosystem. In the case of the dodo, the bird played a crucial role in the ecosystem of Mauritius. It helped a lot in maintaining the flora and fauna of the country. By bringing the dodo back to life, scientists hope in restoring the ecosystem of the island country and protecting its unique biodiversity.

However, de-extinction is a very controversial topic, and many scientists and conservationists have raised concerns about the potential consequences and risks of bringing the extinct species back to life. Some argue that de-extinction could have negative impacts on existing ecosystems, and say that the reintroduced species could disrupt the balance of the ecosystem.

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