The Japanese man who paid $15k to transform himself into a dog

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A man from Japan, whose name is Toko-San, is going viral after spending more than $15,000 on a hyperrealistic costume. He paid such a large amount of money just to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a dog. A clip of him cosplaying as a Rough Collie dog has gained more than 600,000 views on social media since it was posted.

Toko-San told local news outlet Mynavi that he paid a company that makes costumes for TV commercials and films a sum of $15,709, according to a report by Yahoo. The final product took 40 days and various revisions to complete.

He said that he chose to wear the costume of a Rough Collie dog because the long hair of this breed of dog can mislead humans more easily. In other words, he would look more realistic like a dog in that costume.

An employee from the company who made the costume said that creating the costume was very difficult because it took a lot of time for them to study how a dog’s figure can correspond with a human figure.

The employee said that the skeleton of a dog is quite different from that of a man and the employees of that company had to spend a lot of time trying to make a custom-made costume of a dog that would be comfortable for a human to wear.

The viral video uploaded by Toko shows him trying on the border collie costume and transforming into a dog, and making dog-like motions. He can be seen waving his paw in the air and flopping to his side as a real-life dog would.

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