The man who escaped South Korea to go back to North Korea


On 31 December 2021, there was news about a man escaping South Korea that shocked many South Koreans as well as the rest of the world. This is because the man who escaped South Korea went back to North Korea, the country from where he is originally from. The reason why people got shocked is that North Korea is a country where citizens are subjected to dictatorship and tyranny, while South Korea is a country full of democracy and freedom.

People usually view North Korean defectors as people who escaped from oppression. They expected this defector to seek asylum in South Korea forever and were quite surprised when he went back to his oppressive country. The man who escaped is believed to have swam across a river that runs through the demilitarized zone that separates North Korea and South Korea, successfully avoiding detection by the South Korean guards.

People often wonder why the man chose to make the decision of escaping South Korea. It turns out that he could not adapt to the capitalist lifestyle of South Korea. He felt homesick and wanted to return to his lifestyle under dictatorship again.

The whereabouts of the man after he reached North Korea are unknown because North Korea is one of the most closed and secretive countries in the world. Most people presume that he would most likely be punished by the North Korean government for escaping North Korea in the first place and staying in South Korea. This is because North Korean citizens are isolated from the rest of the world by their government.

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