There are no laws prohibiting cannibalism in most states of the USA


Cannibalism is the act of consuming human meat and is a taboo in most cultures around the world. Shockingly, there are no federal laws in the USA that says that cannibalism is illegal. Idaho is the only state where there is a specific law against cannibalism. In all the other 49 US states, cannibalism is not illegal.

The lack of laws against cannibalism in the USA can be traced back to the fact that it is an extremely rare behavior. It is so rare that it is not seen as a common threat. There are also many ethical and legal issues surrounding cannibalism. In most cases, it is not possible to practice cannibalism without committing a crime first.

If a person kills someone for eating the flesh of the victim, that's murder, and it's a crime. If a person steals a body from the grave, that's another crime. The only legal way it can possibly be done is by buying body parts in the name of educational research. Furthermore, if a person is found to have a transmitted disease due to the consumption of human flesh, they can be charged with reckless endangerment and negligence.

The act of cannibalism is also considered to be socially unacceptable and a big taboo, which is why most people would not do it. It is also considered to be a morally reprehensible practice and would be met with condemnations and harsh criticisms.


While there are no laws specifically prohibiting cannibalism in most states of the USA, other criminal charges such as negligent endangerment or the desecration of corpses could still apply. Additionally, the act of cannibalism is considered taboo, immoral, and socially unacceptable in most cultures.

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