The priest who claimed to go back in time to observe the crucifixion of Jesus using a time machine hidden in the Vatican

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Father Pellegrino Ernetti was a Benedictine priest who made headlines in the 1960s for revealing some shocking news. He claimed that he built a device similar to a "time machine" with the help of a team of scientists. According to Ernetti, the device was kept hidden in the Vatican. He says that the device allowed him to observe events from the past, including the crucifixion of Jesus.

Ernetti's claims were not responded to by the public in a positive manner. He faced skepticism from the scientific community. His story was deemed to be a hoax by many. After much criticism, Ernetti himself admitted that his device was not a literal time machine. He said that it was only a sophisticated device that used ultrasonic waves to record the past and project it as images. He said that the device is called a chronovisor.

Ernetti's story is filled with controversy and mystery. He claimed that the chronovisor was built with the help of a team of scientists which included Nobel laureate Enrico Fermi. He also added that the device has been destroyed on the orders of Pope Paul VI, due to all the skepticism and confusion surrounding his story.

Despite the lack of evidence for his claims, his story continues to capture the attention of the public. Some people have suggested that Ernetti may have been the victim of a hoax started by others, while others truly believed in the existence of the chronovisor and think that it was destroyed to prevent its misuse.

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