A theory claims that Jesus died in Japan at the age of 106 years old


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There is an uncommon legend that says that Jesus was not the one who died on the cross. Rather, it was his younger brother Isukiri. A small village in Japan called the Shingo village claims to be the place where Jesus got buried and where his tomb resides. The residents of this village believe that Jesus escaped his crucifixion by traveling across Siberia to a Japanese province called Mutsu.

His younger brother Isukiri sacrificed his life to save Jesus and died on the cross. Meanwhile, Jesus settled in the Herai village of Japan after completing his journey, which took him 4 years. He married a local Japanese girl named Miyuko and fathered 3 daughters. Jesus changed his name to Torai Tora Daitenku after settling in Japan and started farming rice for a living.

He lived a long life in Japan and died at the age of 106. His bones were collected and buried in a pit popularly known as the grave of Torai Tora Daitenku. A sign placed near his tomb mentioned that Jesus first traveled to Japan when he was 21 years old to study theology. He went back to Israel at the age of 33 to spread his message of God. When things didn't go right for him and people tried to kill him, he escaped and arrived in Japan again.

Another grave located near Jesus's alleged grave in Shingo, Japan, is said to contain the ear of Jesus's younger brother Isukiri and a strand of hair of Jesus's mother whose name was Mary. Locals from Japan say that this myth of Jesus dying in Japan originated in the 1930s when Hebrew documents were discovered in Japan which mentioned Jesus's life in Japan. Those documents were seized by the Japanese authorities and later got lost.

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