The woman who rented her forehead to pay her son's tuition fees

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It was in 2005 when a woman named Karolyne Smith from Utah was concerned about her son's future and decided to do something shocking. She wanted to send her son to a private school because she believed a private school would give him a better education than a public school. The only problem was that a private school was much more expensive than a public school.

She was a divorced woman and her boyfriend was not rich enough to be able to send her son to a private school. She knew that she had to earn the money for herself. She decided to sell her forehead on eBay as an auction space. She promised that whoever pays the highest bid on her forehead space will be able to put a permanent tattoo of their name on her forehead.

Immediately after she made that decision, people criticized her and said that her idea would never work. But to everyone's surprise, she did start getting customers who want to rent her forehead as an advertising space. Several companies auctioned for her forehead space and the highest bidder was an online casino company named Golden Palace. They paid $10,000 for her forehead space and Karolyne agreed to tattoo the name of their website permanently on her forehead.

Her idea turned out to be successful because she got enough money to pay for her son's tuition fees in a private school. In exchange, she became a living and walking advertisement for the company which considered her forehead advertisement tattoo a successful marketing decision.

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