Taylor Swift causes the most pollution among celebrities, study says


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According to a recent study published by Yard, a UK-based sustainability marketing agency, popular singer Taylor Swift is at the top of the list among celebrities who cause the most private jet carbon dioxide emissions. The purpose of the study done by Yard was to highlight how damaging it is to use private jets excessively.

Another study published by BBC news found that private jets cause a significant amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are harmful to the environment. However, using flying jets for traveling purposes has been a common trend among rich celebrities.

In a particular Instagram post by popular influencer Kylie Jenner, she was showing off two private jets, belonging to her and her boyfriend Travis Scott, Instagram users were quick to point out the fact that celebrities advise people to use paper straws for the sake of the environment while they use private jets for traveling short distances, which is more harmful to the environment.

The Yard study found that celebrities emit 482.37 times more carbon dioxide emissions than an average person. A Twitter account called Celebrity Jets helped track the number of emissions produced by various celebrities who use private jets. After the Twitter account posted Kylie Jenner's flight route, where she traveled 17 minutes on her private jet to avoid a 45-minute drive, Twitter users were infuriated and labeled her as a “climate criminal”.

All these events led Yard to do a deep study on this case, where they tried to find out which celebrity causes the most carbon dioxide emissions from their private jets. Ironically, Kylie Jenner comes at 19th place on that list. The celebrity to top that list in the 1st position is none other than the popular singer Taylor Swift.

Taylor's private jet rides have amassed approximately 8,293.54 tonnes of flight emissions, which is more than 1,184.8 times the annual emissions of an average person.

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