Fun fact: French was the national language of England in the past

King William's invasion of

In the past, England was not a single country like how it is today. It was divided into 7 kingdoms. These 7 kingdoms were constantly in a power struggle with each other. During the rise of the Vikings, England witnessed a lot of raids and invasions by the Vikings into their country.

The Viking invasions weakened England to such an extent that all 7 kingdoms were on the brink of collapse. The kingdoms did collapse, but not because of the Vikings. They collapsed because of a French nobleman. His name was William the Bastard (he was born before his parents got married).

William was the Duke of Normandy at that time. Normandy was a territory of France and is still a part of France today. In the year 1066, William and his army invaded England. He defeated King Harold Godwinson, the last local English king before his rule. He united England into a single kingdom instead of 7 separate kingdoms.

Since William was born and raised French, his mother tongue was French too. French became the official language of England. William's rule replaced the official language of England from Old English to French language.

The French language became the language of the high-class people of England, including the royal families and the noble families. French became the official language of the courts, and all the legal documents were written in French. The English language was spoken by the peasants and the commoners.

William never bothered to learn English nor did his descendants for up to 300 years. They considered it to be the language of the peasants and they thought that speaking the English language was beneath them. Many kings of England after William had the French language as their mother tongue. The first king to have the English language as his mother tongue after William's invasion was King Henry IV.

It was in 1362 when an act passed in the Parliament of England that made English the official language of the parliament. This act was known as the Statute of Pleading. This act said that the French language was not known by the common people and all the legal and official work in England should be done in the English language. After this act was passed, English has been the official language of England ever since.

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