The man who became the richest person in the world for 2 minutes


Chris Reynolds was a 56-year-old American man living in Pennsylvania. In 2013, he received an email statement from Paypal that shocked him. To his disbelief, he saw that his bank balance had been credited with $92 quadrillion.

Initially, Chris thought that it was the amount he owed to his creditors due to the negative sign on his ending balance. Later he noticed that it was in fact the amount transferred to his bank account. The exact amount credited to his account was $92,233,720,368,547,800.

$92 quadrillion was at least a thousand times higher than the GDP of the whole world at that time. That amount was also 5,411 times the national debt of the USA. This transfer made briefly made Chris the richest man in the world. That amount of money would also make him 415,000 times richer than Elon Musk.

Later, it was found that Paypal credited that amount to his account by error. 2 minutes after refreshing the page to double check his account balance, he saw that his balance was $0. Paypal later apologized for their error and offered to donate some money to any charity of Chris's choice.

The error made by Paypal also made Chris Reynolds the world's only quadrillionaire for a brief moment of time. He told the interviewers that he was a very responsible person and that if he could keep the money, he would pay the national debt of the USA.

Before becoming a quadrillionaire for a brief moment, Reynolds worked as a buyer and seller of vintage parts on eBay.

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