Identical twins don't have matching fingerprints

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Did you know that every human being in this world has a unique fingerprint? There are no two people in this world who have matching fingerprints. Even in the case of identical twins, their features might be identical in many things but they would never have matching fingerprints either!

The National Forensic Science Technology Center has declared that no two people in this world, including identical twins, have ever been found to have similar fingerprints. But have you ever wondered why everyone has a unique fingerprint in this world? The reason might be more simple than you thought.

Every human being in this world gets their fingerprints formed while they are still in their mother's womb. Fingerprint patterns of a baby are considered to be set between 13 or 19 weeks of the development of the fetus. During the development of the fetus, the outermost layer of the baby's skin develops first.

After 10 weeks, the inner layer of the skin starts developing in the fetus. The inner layer of the skin starts developing rapidly while the outer layer of the skin develops slower than the inner layer. Due to this reason, the inner layer of the skin starts developing folds. Each human has different folds depending on how fast the inner and outer layer of their skin grows.

After about 17 weeks, the folds start appearing in the outer layer of the baby's skin. It is at this time that the unique fingerprint of the baby has been set for life. Even if you get bruises on your fingers, you will notice that your skin will have the same fingerprints after your skin heals from the bruises. This is because when new skin grows in your body, it will follow the same patterns and folds set during your development as a fetus. This is why the fingerprints of people never change throughout their lifetime.

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