The percentage of Americans who celebrate Valentine's Day has declined steadily over the past decade

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According to a survey conducted by Statista Research Department, it was found that only 53% of Americans planned to celebrate Valentine's Day this year. The survey also found that over the past decade, the percentage of Americans who celebrate Valentine's Day has declined steadily. Around 60% of people celebrated this day in 2010. In 2021, only 55% of people planned to celebrate this day. There has been a more than 10% decline in the percentage of people who want to celebrate this day.

After looking at the results of the survey, a question might have arisen in your mind: What is the reason for such a steep decline in the percentage of people celebrating Valentine's Day over the years? According to another survey done by the National Retail Federation, it was found that there are three primary reasons for the decline:

  1. Over-commercialization of the event
  2. Not having a significant other
  3. Not being interested in celebrating it.

Sometimes, you may often feel frustrated that you are single during Valentine's Day. You see others celebrating it but you have no one to celebrate it with. But have you ever asked yourself why you are single? Here are a few possible reasons why you are single during Valentine's Day.

You are focused on building your career

One of the most positive reasons why you are single is because you choose to be for the sake of your career. Taking this decision is not a bad choice because sometimes problems arising in your relationship can often distract you and negatively affect your productivity. Being single prevents distractions from relationship problems, although you need to be aware of other distractions.

You are in love with a fictional character

Fictional characters in dramas and anime impressed you so much that people in real life don't interest you anymore. You look for people with the same qualities as the fictional character you love, and you haven't found them yet. You are so obsessed with your favorite fictional character that you don't want to pursue anyone else.

Your standards are too damn high

You are attracted only by models and celebrities and expect your lover to look perfect like them. Even if someone asks you out, you are not satisfied enough because you want your admirer to look as perfect as the models and celebrities you see on the television. You want your lover to look picture-perfect, even though you know that you are not perfect yourself.

Nobody asked you out yet

You are waiting for someone to ask you out instead of pursuing them yourselves. You decide to wait patiently till the day your crush asks you out. You keep waiting till your crush gets a new lover, gets married, and has kids. Then you finally realize that things might have turned out differently if you had asked them out earlier instead of waiting for them to ask you out.

You are focusing on your studies

Another positive reason for deciding to be single is that you want to focus on your studies. Choosing to be single for the sake of studies is a good decision because this will help you in dedicating more time to your studies and scoring higher marks. When you are truly interested in learning a particular subject, you don't want to spend time on relationships anyways.

Your parents are too strict

Another reason for being single, seen more among younger people, is that their parents don't allow them to date. Some parents are so strict that they even decide the type of partner their kids choose to be with. There are other types of strict parents who want to make decisions regarding the love life of their kid even after their kid gets a job.

You are not ready to be in a relationship

Sometimes you may decide not to be in a relationship with anyone because you are not ready yet. You prefer to live an independent life before making commitments to anyone. Choosing to do this is a good decision because it is always better to be in a relationship with someone only if you're ready for it.

You hesitate to confess your feelings to your crush

You hesitate to confess your feelings to your crush. You suffer from shyness problems and this prevents you from confidently pursuing your crush. You may also hesitate to confess due to the fear of rejection.

Someone hurt you in the past

There was someone in your past whom you thought of to be the perfect person for you. You always imagined them to be your life partner one day. Unfortunately, that person betrayed you in such an unexpected way that you were left in shock. You faced such trauma from that incident that you don't want to believe in love anymore.

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