Are you gaslighting yourself?

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The term "gaslighting" has come a lot into popularity these days. Gaslighting refers to a subtle form of emotional manipulation that can make you question your beliefs and perception of reality. It is a form of lying with a specific intent that can make you doubt reality. Not only can gaslighting be done by others to you but it can also be done by you to yourself as well. Here are a few signs that you are gaslighting yourself.

You make excuses for people's unacceptable behavior towards you

Whenever you see people behaving badly with you, you make excuses for it, and try to hide from the truth on purpose. You know that what is happening to you is not right, you know that you don't deserve harsh behavior from anyone, yet you tell yourself that it's your own fault.

You invalidate your own feelings

You invalidate your own feelings by telling yourself that you are overreacting or being too dramatic. You tell yourself that other people suffer more than you so you should not be worried too much. You don't take care of your own feelings by belittling them too much.

You don't trust your own judgment and constantly second-guess yourself

You need to trust in the decisions you make. You ask others to make decisions for your life. You feel ashamed to express your emotions and you try to suppress them too much. You believe you are too sensitive or unreasonable. You need to do what needs to be done to believe in yourself.

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