Love is a ruthless game

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"All you need is love." That's a very cliché quote that all of us have heard at least once in our lives, right? But is it true? Do you really believe in that sentence? Do you only need love in your relationship, or do other things matter too? I believe that love is not the only thing that is required in a relationship. There are other things that matter too. Here are some of the other things you need apart from love in a relationship.

Support and partnership

Along with love, you also need support and partnership from your partner. Just imagine that your partner tells you that they love you but do not support you in anything you do. They tell you that they love you but do not give you a helping hand in anything you do. Even if they are not skilled in whatever you do, they do not even try to help you. Would it be fun to have such a partner in your relationship?

Honesty and loyalty

Your partner tells you that they love you but lie to you in your face. They tell you that they love you but do disloyal acts behind your back. You feel happy when they tell you that they love you but they are not being true to you when you are not around. Honesty and loyalty are as important as love.

Growth and acceptance

Along with loving you, your partner should also help you in your growth and accept you for who you are. If your partner does not try to lift you up when you are down and if they want to leave you when they discover something about you that you have no control over, are they really worth it?

Respect and boundaries

Just because your partner tells you that they love you, it does not mean that they are free to cross the boundaries that you set for yourself. Along with love, there should be mutual respect and understanding between two lovers.

Empathy and compassion

You also need empathy and compassion from your partner in your relationship. If your partner tells you that they love you but do not show any remorse for you whenever something bad happens to you, then is it really worth it?

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