People change and so do their minds

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It all starts with late replies. You start thinking that they are busy. Then you start feeling an emptiness within you. After a few days, you realize that this behavior does not change. You keep getting late replies. You wonder what's happening to the other person.

You feel like something is wrong. You feel like something bad is about to happen. However, you convince yourself to stay cool by telling yourself that the other person is probably just busy. After a few days, you finally realize that something is definitely wrong. The other person is not busy. In fact, they are ignoring you on purpose.

You start feeling extremely sad and wonder if you had done anything wrong. Even though you are sure that you had done nothing wrong to the other person, you wonder why they are treating you this way. You feel like texting them a lot but you don't wanna disturb them either. It is not long until you realize that the other person has completely lost interest in you.

People always keep changing and their minds keep changing as well. Sometimes the most unexpected things are done to us by people whom we never expected to hurt us. Still, in the end, we learn a lot from it. Some people are never meant to stay in our lives even if we want them a lot. Sometimes the people who gave us the best memories become a memory. But the good news is that even though you will be hurt for a few days, one day your sadness will disappear and you'll learn a lot from what you have lost.

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