84% of women and 75% of men have had a toxic friend at some point in their lives


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According to a joint survey conducted by TODAY.com and SELF magazine, it was found that 8 out of 10 people have had at least one toxic friend throughout their lives. The survey found that 84% of women and 75% of men have had a toxic friend at some point in their lives.

The people whom we call friends can sometimes betray us or want to use us for their advantage. Even though we consider them as our true friends, they are toxic friends in reality because they don't want anything good from us. Throughout our society, we will meet various types of toxic people, here are a few of their types.

The energy drainer

These are the type of people who will drain energy away from you with their toxicity. They will make you get tired from their continuous toxic behavior. These types of people will throw negativity at you at every chance they get. You will get tired of the negative behavior that they impose on you.

The criticizer

These are the people who will criticize you at each and everything you do. They will try to find flaws in anything you do, even if you do it for their good. They will act friendly with you when you talk to them individually, but will immediately start criticizing you when you are in groups.

The victim

These types of people will play the victim at everything. They will blame you and others for their misfortunes. They will never admit their mistakes. Even when they are aware that they are doing wrong, they will try to shift the blame to other people. They will constantly do acts that clearly show that they are trying to seek attention from others. Whenever they fail, they will come up with a lot of excuses.

The manipulator

These are the type of people who are experts in manipulating other people. Whenever they manipulate you to do something, they usually seek a result that will benefit them in some way or the other. They will pretend to like you and flatter you a lot so that one day they'll be able to manipulate you to do things they want you to do.

The pessimist

These are the type of people who are pessimistic about everything. Whenever you try to do something, they will try to discourage you by reminding you about the risk of failure. They will laugh at your ambitions and your dreams. They will remind you of your shortcomings so that you feel demotivated to pursue your goals.

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