Nearly 40% of American adults are overweight

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A study done at Georgetown University found that nearly 40% of Americans aged 51 and older are overweight. Adult obesity is a big concern for the USA. When people become older, it gets more difficult to lose weight, since people become less active than they were when they were young. When people live a sedentary lifestyle, it is a lot easier to gain weight than to lose it. Here are a few ways to lose weight as you become older.

Eat protein-rich foods

Proteins are the building blocks of lean muscle mass. Whenever you eat proteins, your body breaks in down into amino acids. These amino acids enter your bloodstream and get absorbed by your tissues and cells. All the cells in your body need protein to function. When there aren't enough amino acids available in your bloodstream, your body will start to break down amino acids from your muscles. This will lead to a loss in your muscle mass, and a decrease in your muscle mass leads to a decrease in your metabolism.

Metabolism is the rate at which your body converts food into energy. When your metabolism is slow, your body fails to convert all the food you ate into energy, and this results in the accumulation of fat in your body. When your muscle mass is less, your metabolism also decreases. To increase your metabolism, you need to eat foods that help in building muscles, in other words, you need to eat protein-rich foods since protein helps a lot in building muscles.

Do some strength training to avoid muscle loss

Strenght-train a few times in a week to avoid muscle loss. The key to increasing your metabolism is to build new muscle. Strength-trainings helps you in building more muscles. When you do strength training like lifting weights, a few wear and tears happen to your muscle tissue. Your body's repair system repairs those wear and tear by providing your muscle tissue with amino acids. The more muscle you build, the more calories you'll burn.

Do cardio workouts for calorie burning

One of the most important ways to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit in your body. A calorie deficit in your body means that your body should burn more calories rather than consume them. If you lose a few calories from exercising and eat a lot of calories afterward, your body will not be in a calorie deficit. This is because the amount of calories you ate after exercising is more than the number of calories you burned during exercising. To create a successful calorie deficit in your body, the amount your calories you burn needs to be more than the number of calories you intake. Cardio exercises are a good way to burn calories. However, too much cardio is bad for your health as it can lead to losing the muscles that you gained from other exercises.

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