50% of married couples in the USA end up in a divorce


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According to a survey done by the Pew Research Center in 2013, it was found that love was the most important reason to get married for American couples, ahead of making a lifelong commitment. The other reasons included companionship, having children, and economic benefits.

Even though love tops the list of Americans' reasons to marry, about 50% of married couples end up in a divorce. This is because love alone is not enough to hold a marriage. Other things like compromises and loyalty are also important in a marriage.

Whenever you fall in love, there is no guarantee that your love will last, even if your love is strong. You will learn a lot of things that no one told you about. Here are some of the few things no one told you about love.

People change

Sometimes people will change their minds and there is nothing you can do about it. Trying to change the minds of people who had already changed their minds will never work. Not only do people's minds change, but their behavior towards you might change as well. People are dynamic, and changes will always happen within them.

You change

Not only do other people change, but you change as well. A failed love story in your life might teach you a lot of lessons that can make you change yourself a lot. You will learn a lot of lessons from love and a lot of changes will happen within you as well.

You may fall in love with your old lovers again

There are sometimes when you will never meet your ex in your life, and in some rare cases, people fall back in love with their exes again. There are some cases where people end up marrying their old lovers. Nothing is predictable when it comes to relationships.

Things will get easier in the end

Whenever you go through heartbreaks, you would feel that you will never be able to recover from them. However, after a lot of days, you will realize that your sadness is gradually going away. The sadness always used to bother you every day, but things will gradually get easier in the end and the sadness starts reducing.

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