30% of Americans use online dating


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According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center in October 2019, 30% of Americans have used online dating, compared to only 11% in 2013.

Whenever you like someone, you definitely don't want to mess things up with them. Although the way you behave with them in real life is important, the way you text with them also matters a lot. The way you text can make a relationship kill a potential relationship. There are often times when we lose the interest of our crushes due to the way we text. Here are a few things we do wrong while texting our crushes.

Short answers can kill the conversation

Replying to messages with short answers can kill a conversation very quickly. This would also lead to your crush that you are not interested in them anymore. It will lead to a decline in the will of your crush to text you anymore. Don't give a short answer and stop texting. Always ask a counter-question to keep the conversation going.

Talking about the same thing every day

Talking about the same thing every day will bore anyone, not only your crush. Try to think about new topics to talk about every day. Don't keep repeating a particular opinion again and again. Another mistake that people do while chatting is that they talk about their opinions all the time don't ask the opinions of the other person. Doing that may make the other person feel bored while talking with you.

You don't text first

Some people have a crush on someone and expect them to text first. You feel hesitant and shy to send the first text. Your crush will find another romantic partner if you keep waiting like that for too long. Don't be hesitant to text first and don't wait for too long to send the first text.

Failing to show that you're available

You need to show that you are available for your crush whenever they need your company. Whenever you fail to show that you are available for your crush, they may find someone else who will be available for them. You need to inform them that you always want to be available for them. Whenever you are busy, inform that the reason for you replying late was due to your work. Whenever you reply late, tell them the reason why you were unavailable at the time they texted.

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