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Whenever you are at any social gathering, there are a few social rules you need to follow. Although no one tells you about these rules, they are necessary because following these rules say a lot about you. When you break the unwritten social rules of life, it will show that you have a low level of social skills. Here are a few unwritten social rules you need to remember.

Don't stare at your phone while others are talking with you

Being busy on your phone while someone is talking to you is disrespectful behavior. It looks like you are not paying any attention to the person who's talking, even though you were listening. So whenever you are at a social gathering, resist your urge to look at your phone while someone is talking to you. However, it is okay to use your phone when you are completely lonely at a party, but don't do it in excess. Try to make friends.

Don't make decisions for anyone

Whenever there is a situation when people have to decide about something as a group, don't try to influence the decision of others or take decisions on their behalf. When someone asks you something about their finances or legal issues, give them suggestions but don't advise them. Whenever your advice turns out to be wrong, your friendship might get hampered.

Don't laugh at other's interests

Laughing at others' interests is the same as laughing at what they love. Everyone hates it when people laugh at what they love. It is considered a disrespectful act as well. What a person likes reflect their tastes. The best you can do if you dislike their tastes is not laugh at them.

If a friend invites you to dinner, allow them to choose the place

When someone invites you to dinner, let them choose the place. Don't start complaining when they choose to go to a place you don't like. They are the ones who will be paying for the meal, since they invited you, so they deserve to go to the place of their choice. Try not to disappoint them by complaining about their choice.

Be aware of people who gossip about others

People who enjoy gossiping about others will probably enjoy gossiping about you as well. They may act nice and friendly in front of you and will probably say mean things about you when you are absent. Beware of these backstabbers and don't get tempted to join their hateful gossips.

Dealing with backstabbers, there was one thing I learned
They're only powerful when you got your back turned
~ Eminem

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