Let your past make you better, not bitter


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There might be many instances in your life where you would have heard a lot of criticisms about yourself. Some people would criticize you so much that you would start doubting your self-existence. But, the good news for you is that people tend to exaggerate a lot. You might not be as bad as some of your haters claim you to be. Here are a few signs that you are a better person than you think.

You are polite and respectful

Politeness and respectfulness are important qualities seen among esteemed people. Even though you may not be as perfect as people want you to be, your politeness and treating others with respect will help you a lot in the future. There are many people who are not polite and respectful at all. You are certainly kinder than them if you possess those qualities within yourself.

You compliment others whenever necessary

Complimenting others helps a lot in making you a likable person. You would help a lot in boosting the morale of people when you compliment them when credit is due. Any person would definitely prefer someone who compliments them for their hard work over someone who does not show any appreciation for their help.

You are kind to people

A study done at Swansea University in 2019 found that kindness is one of the most important qualities that people choose in their partners. Even though people don't give as much importance as they do to beauty, deep down inside their hearts, they always desire people's kindness towards them. Treat people with kindness and you will receive kindness in return.

You are grateful for your loved ones

Being grateful for the people who had always been there for you is a sign of a good person. The best people in life are free. Maturity is when you realize that you don't have to pay anything for the people who love you the most.

You take responsibility for your actions

Taking responsibility for your actions and owning up if you do any mistakes is one of the most mature things you can do. When you start taking responsibility for your actions, your creditability will increase. People will start trusting you more.

You are generous

People always love charitable people more than miserly people. Any act of charity is an act of kindness, and we already know that kindness is beloved and selfishness is hated. You being generous to people who are good to you shows how good of a person you are.


Everyone cannot be perfect. All people have their shortcomings. Even though you may not be perfect, there are many good qualities deep within you. You just need to find them and make the most of them.

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