Unpopular Opinion: Nothing in Life is a Waste of Time


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You finally meet someone whom you like a lot. You invest a lot of your time trying to build a good relationship with them. You talk with them every day. You give a lot of your effort and time to talk with them daily. You manage to make a good relationship with them. But in the end, they leave you and you get betrayed. So all your efforts and time went in vain. You feel like it was a waste of time.

You study a particular subject every day so that you get good marks in it and get admission to a good college. You dedicate 8 hours every day to study that subject. You keep studying that subject for the whole year. You give the exams with a lot of preparation. When the results come out, you realize that you did manage to get good marks in that subject. You scored 99.1% in that subject. You go to the college of your dreams to apply for admission. Your application gets rejected because the cut-off marks to get admission in that college increases to 99.2%. All the hard work you put in didn't pay off as you failed to get admission to that college. You feel like it was a waste of time.

You get a job and start working every day. The job is good and so is the salary. You can make a good living from that job. But soon you realize that you are not satisfied doing that job. You don't find happiness doing that job. You feel that you are not made for doing the job you do. You are interested in doing something else. After earning enough money, you decide to quit that job to pursue a job that you love doing. You finally start doing something you love. But you still have regrets for doing the job you hated for so many years. You feel like it was a waste of time.

In all the above cases, if you think positively, your time wasn't wasted at all. You learned a lot of things from all the things you thought were a waste of time to you. In the first case, you will learn from the mistakes you did for which your relationship failed. You will also learn a lot about how to avoid betrayals in the future.

In the second case, even though you didn't get admission to the best college with your marks, you could still get admission to another top college thanks to your hard work. Moreover, the knowledge that you acquired from studying so hard will help you a lot in the future, and it will build you as a smart person in the end.

In the third case, even though you didn't like doing your job, you will learn a lot of things from your work life. You will learn how to handle people, and how to deal with different kinds of people during work. You will learn things like resolving conflicts and how teamwork is done properly. The things that you learned from the job you quit might be helpful for you in the future. Remember that nothing in life is a waste of time. Life is just a learning curve.

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