Getting stuck at the friend-zone

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You meet someone and start having an attraction towards them. You start liking them so much that you wish to be in a relationship with them. Sometimes you get what you want and manage to make them your lover. Sometimes you don't get what you want and get friend-zoned by them.

When you are in the friend zone, you are not accepted by your crush to be in a relationship with them. Being a friend is all you can manage to do. Yet you keep pursuing them in hopes of making them start loving you. However, sometimes there seems to be no hope even if you try hard to be more than just friends. Here are a few signs that you are always going to be stuck in the friend zone.

They don't flirt back

If your crush never flirts back with you even after you flirt with them all the time, it is a definite sign that they are not interested in you. They are not interested in flirting with you because they don't see any potential in you to become their lover.

Many friend-zoned people often mistake their crush to be romantically inclined towards them whenever their crushes talk to them in a nice way. When someone is being nice to you, it does not always mean that they like you.

They mention other people whom they like

When you gossip with them, they mention their crush, who is obviously not you. You have become close to them enough for them to reveal to you whom they find attractive. Yet even after becoming too close to them, they still don't consider you as a potential lover.

Sometimes they will ask for your advice on how they can impress their crush. Sometimes you can see them flirting with their crush in front of you. Sometimes you can witness them putting their hands over the shoulders over their crush and trying to be romantic. These instances would be hurtful for you, but the good news for you is that you are not alone. Many people who are stuck in the friend zone go through these experiences too.

You're always the one doing the favors

Whenever they ask for any favors from you, you would gladly do anything they want since you like them so much. But when you ask for any favors from them, they wouldn't hesitate to say no. You wouldn't notice this because you would be so engrossed in your infatuation with them.

Even when they do favors for you, they would do it half-heartedly. You wouldn't notice it again since you would be telling yourself to be positive about the situation to make yourself cheerful.

They don't want to spend time with you alone

Whenever you hang out with your crush, they would always bring in another friend with them to spend time with. This is because they don't want to spend any time with you alone. Rather than being in a romantic mood while being alone with you, they rather feel awkward when they are alone with you.

This is because they strictly want only friendly relations with you. They don't want anything more from you. If they ever liked you, they would flirt with you at least a little. But if they always keep calling you words like "buddy", "dude", etc., it definitely means that they are trying to let you know that they are not romantically interested in you at all.


The friend zone is a situation that many people experience throughout the world. Some people manage to escape it and become lovers with their crush, while some people are destined to remain stuck in the friend zone forever. It's good to try and sometimes it is also a good suggestion to be direct about it and confess your attraction to your crush. If it still doesn't work out, then it is best to leave hope and search for someone else.

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