Why are parachutes not provided to the passengers on commercial airplanes?


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Have you ever wondered why you are never provided with a parachute whenever you travel by flight somewhere? If a plane crash happens, a parachute would surely increase your chances of survival. 

But still, most airplane companies don’t provide their passengers with a parachute. Why is that so? What are the difficulties that airplane companies will face if they provide their passengers with parachutes? Let’s find out. 

Commercial reasons

A passenger flight carries approximately 200 people. Providing so many parachutes would cost a lot for the airplane company. Moreover, even if a crash happens, most passengers would not be patient enough to exit the plane one by one and jump with a parachute, and land safely. It would be an unnecessary expense even if the plane decides to provide a parachute for all the passengers traveling in it.

If a plane provides a parachute for all of its passengers, the extra weight of the parachutes would increase the overall weight of the plane. A heavier plane would require more fuel for it to fly. More fuel would lead to an increase in the cost of the plane ticket. So not only will it cost more for the airline company, it would cost more for the passengers as well.

Teaching passengers how to use a parachute would take a lot of time

Whenever we board a flight, we only listen to 2-minute pre-flight safety instructions given by the air hostesses. Even these instructions are not listened to properly by many passengers. Teaching passengers how to use a parachute would take a lot of time.

The average time taken to teach a person how to land safely on a parachute takes approximately 4 hours. This process of teaching a person how to use a parachute and land safely cannot be done in a short time like the safety instructions.

All people would not be able to use parachutes properly

Even if the plane provides a parachute to all the passengers, most of them would still not be able to use their parachutes properly if a crash ever happens. Parachutes are usually used by professional skydivers. The common people would not know how to use a parachute in a proper way to save themselves.

Most plane crash incidents happen due to thunderstorms, using parachutes in that bad weather is dangerous and not safe at all

According to statistics, most plane crash incidents happen due to bad weather, especially during thunderstorms. Using a parachute in this weather is a bad idea anyway. The stormy wind would take away the passengers to different places and the rain would disrupt the parachute from being fully functional.

People would collide with each other when jumping

Skydivers are required to maintain at least 2000 feet of distance between each other. This is done to ensure that they don't collide with each other during their free fall. Even if they collide with each other after opening their parachutes, their parachutes would get entangled if that ever happens. That would definitely not result in a safe landing.

If a plane crash ever happens, most passengers would not be able to conform to these basic skydiving guidelines if they are provided with parachutes. This is because many of the passengers won't be experienced in skydiving. Collisions and unsafe landings are most likely to happen. So a parachute won't help them anyway.

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