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Do you believe that you're an attractive person? If yes, you're a person with self-confidence. If not, then you're a modest person. Regardless of whatever we think of ourselves to be, we always wonder if people find us attractive.

Sometimes, you may not think of yourself to be an attractive person, yet you can still have someone who has an attraction towards you. It may sound hard to believe, but it does happen to many people. But how do you know that you are attractive even when you don't think of yourself to be? Here are some of the signs that indicate that you are an attractive person even if you don't think so.

People seem nervous or anxious around you

Sometimes when you attend a party, you may notice some people looking nervous or anxious whenever you come near them. You may see them talking comfortably with others, but they suddenly look uncomfortable whenever they are around.

This behavior may surprise you. You may think that they heard something bad about you due to which they are behaving so strangely around you. But in reality, it is a common phenomenon that all attractive people experience. This is because the people who feel nervous around you find you so attractive that they start being anxious around you since they want you to have a good impression of them.

You catch people staring at you

Sometimes when you're at work or any other place where there are people, you may catch people staring at you. You may notice them looking away immediately after you catch them staring at you. You may dismiss this as a rare incident but if this happens often to you, then you should realize that there are many people who find you attractive.

You don’t get many compliments when you expect them

Sometimes, you may wear your best dress for a party and be surprised to find out that not everyone is complimenting you about your good looks. You may wonder why you are getting fewer praises than you expected. This is because people already assume that you are aware of your beauty since they find you attractive. They feel that it is obvious that you are aware of how attractive you are.

You receive a lot of messages on social media

You may find it unsurprising that you have a lot of requests in your inbox on social media sites. You may find a lot of people trying to start a conversation with you. Your inbox is never a dull place. There are always new messages from different people who are interested to talk to you. You may have a lot of messages lying in your inbox that are still yet to be responded to.

If any of the above-mentioned signs are relatable to you, then it means that you're definitely an attractive person. Even if you don't think of yourself to be attractive, you surely are attractive to someone else. So never think that you are not good enough.

There are four states of matter: Solid, liquid, gas, and you. You matter. ~Anonymous

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