If someone gives you attention, it does not necessarily mean that they love you


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You meet someone at a certain place. You start talking with that person and later become friends with them. You feel somewhat good whenever they are around. You feel that there is a connection between the both of you. You start thinking that you both are made for each other. 

Things start going good and the both of you start talking to each other every day. You wake up every day feeling happy because you know you’ll get to spend time with this person who’s so special to you. Talking with them always makes you happy. You always look forward to talking with them and you never get bored even after talking with them for a long time. That person is so special to you.

You finally start thinking that this person is “the one” for you. You think to yourself that you will never be able to get anyone as amazing as this person. The other person also gave you a lot of attention and always makes you happy. You tell them that you like them. They also tell you that they like you. This makes you feel very happy. 

You already start dreaming about marrying them and becoming their life partner. They become the world to you until one day when you notice a sudden change in their behavior towards you. You notice that they start ignoring you.

This sudden behavior change confuses you. But you convince yourself that the other person is just sad and this behavior change is not related to you at all. You tell yourself that they will be back to normal and will start talking with you again soon. However, things start getting worse as it turns out that all your expectations don’t go as per your wishes. 

You thought that after a few days, things will be back to normal. But things start getting worse instead. Your special person always keeps making excuses for not talking with you. One day they tell you that they are busy at work. Another day they tell you that they are sick. You finally start realizing that they don’t want to talk with you anymore. 

Many days pass by and you always keep feeling sad that the person who meant so much to you does not talk to you anymore. One day you finally get the courage to tell them that you miss them. Then something happens that shocks you and saddens you even more.

“I don’t want to talk with you anymore.”

This is what you get to hear from the person who meant so much to you. You never did anything wrong to them. So you are confused now about why they did this to you. They don’t tell you the reason why they don’t want to talk to you anymore. They just tell you to get out of their life and you walk away in sadness.

You start feeling even sadder than you ever were before. The sadness you got stayed with you for a very long time. This tragic incident stays in your memory forever and it always haunts you whenever you think about it. 

A few days pass by and you get to know from someone that your special person is now in a relationship with someone else. This breaks your heart even more. You can’t imagine how a person who meant the world to you would ever do a thing like this to you. 

Later you realize that your special person already has a new romantic partner from the day they started ignoring you. It finally starts making sense to you why they started ignoring you all of a sudden.

This incident was the biggest traumatic incident and it never fails to make you sad whenever you think about it. You finally realize that the person who meant so much to you never loved you at all. They were only giving you attention but it was never really love.


People often think that getting attention and getting love are the same things. This is one of the main reasons why people get so much hurt from one-sided love and toxic relationships. There’s no doubt that giving attention is a good way to show love but it does not always mean that attention and love are the same things. Many people would often give you attention just to be nice to you or maybe they just like spending time with you without actually loving you. True love happens when both the partners love each other and it takes time to nurture into a good and healthy relationship.

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