4 Signs That Someone Lost Interest in You


You meet someone at a certain place one day. The person you met seemed to be cool and friendly. You start talking with them. You become good friends with them. A few days later, they start getting closer to you. It seems like the other person is too perfect for you. It seems like you don’t deserve them. You want to talk with them every day. You feel sad whenever a day passes by without talking with them.

Things go so well between you both that you plan to fully commit to the other person. You start dreaming about having a future with the other person. You dream about living happily ever after with the other person. Until one day, a small thing happens that seems to disturb you. The other person seems to show less enthusiasm while talking with you. You shake that thought away and tell yourself that the other person was probably having a bad day. A few days later, you see that the other person is not starting a conversation with you at all.

You start to realize that the other person is ignoring you, but you don’t know the reason why. You want to talk with them a lot but at the same time, you don’t want to disturb them as well. It’s not long until you realize that the other person has completely ghosted you. You wonder why they did that. You feel extreme sadness for many days after that incident. If only you had seen the signs that the other person had lost interest in you, you would have felt less sadness compared to what you felt after being ghosted suddenly. You would also have got some time to prepare yourself to let the other person go away from your life and move on. Following are the clearly visible signs that someone has lost interest in you.

One-sided communication

The communication between the both of you starts becoming dull. The other person talks less with you compared to how they used to talk before. You would wake up in the morning expecting a ‘good morning’ text from them, but you don’t see any. This makes you miss the other person even more.

You realize that suddenly you are the only one who starts all the conversations. There are no texts or calls from their side. The other person has completely stopped starting any conversation with you. They only reply to your messages. Their replies are short. Even after you send them long texts, they give you short replies. It starts to look obvious that they are not interested to talk with you anymore.

Change in behavior

You realize that their behavior is not the same anymore. They don’t talk kindly to you anymore. They don’t show you any empathy anymore. They start talking rudely to you even when you didn’t offend them in any way. This makes you even more confused. They don’t want to spend time with you during the holidays. They don’t want to make any more memories with you.

They start lying to you. They start hiding things from you. You get a completely new vibe after talking with them. After talking with them, you don’t get a feeling of happiness anymore. They make sure to let you know that they don’t enjoy spending time with you anymore. You feel like you’re disturbing them. They don’t text you even after you haven't sent a message for many days.

Change in priorities

You are not their priority anymore. They start giving you less importance than how they used to. When priorities change, people also change. People, priorities, and time keep changing. Even after knowing this, you’ll still feel hurt because the memories never change.

In the beginning, they always replied to your messages first. Now, they reply to everyone else and then finally give you a reply, a short one. Your chat was pinned to their inbox list. Now you are in their archived chats. They used to spam you and start a new conversation whenever they chat with you. Now they desperately try to end the conversation whenever you start one.

Lame excuses

You will see them ignoring you even after both of you are online. They’ll say that they are busy but you’ll see them chatting in a group chat. They’ll say that they can’t call you because they are in a group meeting. After a few moments, you’ll check their status and see that they sent a screenshot of them talking with somebody for 30 minutes.

One day, they’ll tell you that they are busy with work. You don't talk to them and wait for the next day. The next day, they tell you that they are having a headache. You don’t talk to them again and wait for the next day to come. The next day, they say that they are depressed and need some time alone. You wait for a long time and keep missing them throughout the entire time. They don’t send you any texts. A new year comes, you greet them on the occasion. After receiving your greetings, they confess that they don’t want to talk with you anymore and finally block you.


Some people are not meant to stay in our lives. Although they could mean the world to us, we have to let them go if they don’t want to stay in our lives. If a person who means a lot to you shows signs of losing interest in you, ask them what the problem is. Ask them if you have disappointed them in any way. If they are willing to talk about it, you will get an opportunity to settle your differences. If they don’t talk about it and keeps ignoring you, inform them that their behavior has hurt you a lot, and let them go. The hardest things to let go of are the things you never really had. One of the happiest moments in life is when you start to let go of what you can’t change.

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