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There are some people we come across in our lives, whom we don’t want to lose. Whether we are in a relationship with that person or a friendship, we want them to be in our lives forever. Sometimes we meet someone so special, that when we look at them all we can think of is, “Damn, it’s gonna hurt when you leave”.

There are some qualities that a person possesses which are toxic and a major red flag in your relationship with them. You should be careful of these kinds of people. Even though you may love them, their toxic habits can destroy your friendship and you may lose them and also other people because of them.

On the other hand, some people possess a variety of good qualities, which would make you realize that they are so amazing. Always look out for these qualities because having these qualities would guarantee you a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

They accept your flaws

They see the flaws you have and still love you for who you are. They never abandon you or try to avoid you after noticing a particular flaw that you have. Instead, they try to correct you if you do anything wrong. They always help you to become a better person. They see your imperfections and they try to make them perfect.

They know how to compromise

They are the type of people who aren’t selfish. They always try to solve any problems if problems ever arise between the two of you. They realize that both of you need to be heard and understood. They always try their best to avoid arguing with you. Even if arguments arise, they try to work it out so that the tension between you both vanishes.

Compromises lead to more happiness in a relationship.

They help you in your personal growth

Personal growth refers to the development of you as a person. It helps you to reach your full potential. If your partner or your friend helps you in your personal growth or contributes anything towards it, they’re someone whom you should never let go of. If they help you in your personal growth, it means that they care about you a lot.

They are kind and respectful

They are always kind towards you and have a deep respect for you. They never talk with you rudely. They talk with you respectfully. They always compliment you for your good traits and never insult you if you do any mistakes. Instead, they try to explain to you why they think you’re doing a mistake. They never ignore your messages. They always positively respond to you, provided that you’re not negatively talking to them. When you tell them that you’re sad, they try to cheer you up. When you tell them that you’re happy, they share your happiness too.

They are supportive

They are always supportive of what you want to do in your life. They encourage you to pursue your ambitions. They never demotivate you or say discouraging things to let you down. They always try to help you when you come across any problems while pursuing your goals. They try to help you achieve your goals and they genuinely want you to be happy in life.

They are understanding

They understand you a lot. If you’re doing something which many people don’t like, they’ll understand why you’re doing it. If you’re in a bad mood someday, they’ll know the reason why you’re upset. They would know why you’re happy and they would know why you are sad. They’ll understand you even when others get disappointed by you.

They are emotionally intelligent

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability of a person to understand, use, and manage their own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

It is the ability of an individual to understand their own emotions as well as those of others. If their emotional intelligence is high, they will be able to communicate with you better, lessen your anxiety and stress, resolve conflicts with you, improve relationships, empathize with you, and overcome life’s challenges together.

They share your core values

A person's core value refers to those values that form the foundation on which people perform work and conduct themselves. There are some values that people view as more important than other values. Some examples of core values are honesty, integrity, loyalty, positivity, commitment, etc. If your partner shares the same core values as you, there’s a high possibility that they’ll always be your friend until the end.

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