4 Reasons Freelancing Is An Unbeatable Way Of Life

Rick Martinez

And why you'll never go back to a 9-5

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Well, it looks like the hot new job is one of my favorite words.


You’re already smart and savvy enough to know why the freelance revolution became, well, a revolution. You know, pandemic stuff and whatnot. Offices closing. People like wearing PJs all day, and of course.

Because once the paychecks stop, you still kinda have to eat and pay bills and stuff.

So many people are now looking for alternatives to the traditional office job. They value their freedom and want more control over their time — but they also need a steady income. Freelancing is one of the best ways to get what you want without sacrificing your paycheck or your work/life balance.

Trust me. I know this for a fact. After all, I’ve been unemployed and unemployable for over twenty years now. And I gotta say that the benefits and reasons for living this way are head and shoulders better than everything else around.

I’ll never work in an office again, and here are four reasons why you might want to do the same.

Call me a control freak

At first glance, this turns folks off.

Most “average” people look at control as a bad thing. They view it as something we need to relinquish versus obtain and hold onto with an iron vice grip. If that’s you, then all I ask is to consider what this could mean for you and your future.

A freelancer gets to be in control over, frankly, everything.

Working this way allows me to set my own prices, my own hours, and to cherry-pick the type of work I want to do. Not only that, I get to work with whomever the heck I want, and there’s no boss to tell me otherwise. This is a control that most employees do not get to enjoy when they’re grinding at a 9–5.

Often times it’s this one advantage that all a person needs to hear to take the plunge into freelancing for a living.


The buck stops (and starts) with me

Have you ever been in one of those jobs, roles, or positions, and you had to ask permission for nearly everything?

You know. “Can I take my lunch an hour later today”…or “Why was my vacation request denied” or even things as simple as wearing the right stuff on casual Friday that don’t piss someone off or violate some woke co-worker.

As if control wasn’t enough, another beauty about flying solo is that it’s just me. Or you. You get my drift.

This translates to the fact that you make all the big decisions, and the tiny ones too.

Having that kind of power means you can act quicker with less hassle. It means you can decide to work late or tap out early. What it boils down to is that the buck starts and stops with you.

And while that may feel scary for some, it’s a massive motivator for others.

And yet, there are even more prominent, greener reasons for wanting to take the freelance path.

Sho’ me the money

I want to share a super simple example of how a freelancer might make more money for the same work pretty much immediately.

Let’s take a salesperson. Any sales. Doesn’t matter.

That salesperson employee goes out and closes a $1,000.00 deal. They receive a 5% commission, plus maybe some arbitrary expense reimbursement, a lovely gift basket with a pimento loaf, and of course, an “atta-boy” from the boss. I realize this is very generalized, but you get the picture.

And on some levels, you well know that that $1,000.00 sale (or $500 or $20k) was all you.

And as a freelancer, that sale is yours.

Freelancers don’t have the same overhead or costs as “traditional” businesses do. For example, working from home or remote means no office space to rent. And also, with no employees to hire or manage, costs and time are freed up.

The bottom line is that your bottom line is generally easier to grow and while you do need to get out and hustle, at least now you’re doing it for yourself.

And if all this wasn’t enough to get your freelance wheels greased up, then how about this…

Shoes and shirts are optional

As a freelance writer, I can share that this is one of the best reasons I choose this life. As an example: today, as I write this, my biggest decision was socks or no socks. I’m being totally serious.

It’s about 90 degrees Fahrenheit here in Texas, and since I blocked the day off for writing several drafts, it was literally the most complex question I had.

It’s hard to refute that this is a huge selling point to freelancing. But, of course, the other advantage is that I don’t need to buy ties, dress shoes, sport coats, or anything else that a traditional cube dweller needs for a usual 9–5. Heck, I could take it a step further and share only fill up my car, MAYBE once every 2–3 weeks!

I could go on, but alas, we’re near the end.

The final word

These are just some of the real-life benefits that you can enjoy when being a freelancer. With the right mindset, skills, a great idea, plus the ability to manage your own time, becoming your own boss and flying solo can be an easy-peasy few steps away.

Shoes and shirt optional.

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