Sesame LA is a chic Suprette in Chinatown.

Sesame LA is between the Today Starts here and Thank You Coffee. Sesame LA has Vietnamese heritage and carries Asian-owned brands. Sesame also has an Asian Pantry Staple, and you can get Sriracha, TPF sauces, Yuzu Mayo, and more.

The Sesame has a stock of Vietnamese go and grabs homemade food with Pan-Asian influence. You can also get sweet treats and salty snacks like tamarind candies and crab chips. Half of the food and drinks at Sesame are vegetarian. The grab-and-go options vary and depend on what the chefs feel like making, so the menu is always different.

There is a lot of positive energy that goes into the food at Sesame LA due to Buddhist Influence. They put a lot of love and spirituality into their dishes. The proceeds from Sesame go to the temple, and money goes to the poor in the village.

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