Stimulus update: $1,800 per month could hit Pennsylvania residents' bank accounts.

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$1,800 could hit Pennsylvania residents' bank accountsPepi Stojanovski/Unsplash

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Stimulus payment worth $1,800 could hit eligible Pennsylvania state residents' bank accounts. This payment somehow relieves residents who're suffering from this inflation.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics published a Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) report on September 13 that stated Pennsylvania's CPI-U increased by 8.1 percent in August.

The chart below shows how much Pennsylvania's CPI-U changed from August 2019 to 2022.

Although there is a piece of good news in this challenging time, eligible Pennsylvania state residents could receive financial assistance worth $1,800.

As per the experts' estimates, residents could get an average increase of 8.7% in monthly COLA benefits, which means seniors could get up to $1,801.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau and Population Estimates Program (PEP), approximately 2.8 million (19%) of the Pennsylvania population is 65 or older.

And the recent poll by the National Poll on Healthy Aging shows that more than 36% of Americans aged 50–80 have to cut down on their healthy diet because of increasing grocery prices.

Preeti Malani, M.D., director of the poll, says, "For our most vulnerable older adults, the huge increase we've seen in food costs could make a bad situation worse."

But if seniors could get increased monthly COLA benefits, it could provide some help to them.

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