Stimulus check update: $2,800 could hit Michigan residents' bank accounts.

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Residents of Michigan face a lot of financial trouble because of the significant surge in inflation. And continuously increasing gas prices, food prices, and other grocery items worsens most Michigan residents' financial burden.

It would be good if the residents got financial help from the government at this difficult time. But it would be incredible if the benefit was worth up to $2,800.

The Michigan State Republican Legislature proposed exactly this in the new plan known as the Republican MI Family Inflation Relief Plan.

The Senate Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, said, "It isn't the Legislature's money or the governor's money to spend; it's the people's money, and they deserve to keep more of what they earn so they can better provide for their families. So I hope this time the governor agrees to prioritise the people of Michigan and resist the urge to spend it on growing state government."

This plan is a $2.5 billion relief fund for Michigan residents, which will provide the benefit of $500 per kid for those under 19. And the personal exemption will rise for senior citizens those ages 67 or more to $21,800 for individuals, and for couples it will rise to $43,600.

It will also increase the personal income tax deduction by $1,800. So if you have a typical family of four with two children under the age of 19, then you can get up to $2,800 of relief benefits.

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