An unseen case of medical history is a boy with two heads.

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An extremely rare medical miracle happened in May 1783 at Mundul Gate, Bengal. In a farmer family, a kid was born with two heads, so he was popularly known as 'Two-Headed Boy of Bengal.'

The boy's struggle started right after his birth, the midwife was so frightened to see him that she immediately threw him into the fire.

Thankfully boy managed to survive, but he has a few burned scars.

The boy's second head had grown completely upside down on his main head. His second head functions fully independently from his main head. The boy claimed he sometimes heard a voice from it.

However, there were some irregularities in his second head, such as the eyes, ears and jaw of the second head were not fully developed.

The Two-Headed Boy of Bengal was suffering from a medical condition known as Craniopagus parasiticus. This is an extremely rare condition that usually happens in 6 to 9 of 15,000,000 births.

Due to his strange appearance, his parents started exhibiting him in Calcutta, where he garnered a lot of attention and earned a decent amount of money for his family.

His fame was spread throughout India. He does not have any health problem relative to his condition, but when he was four years old when he was bitten by a cobra, and he was not able to survive.

Mr. Dent, the East India company's representative, robbed the boy's body from his grave for examination.

His skull is preserved in the Hunterian Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of London.

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