An unusual medical case in human history is a man with 3 legs and 4 feet.

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History is full of extraordinary events that can blow your mind. One of such events is the man born with three legs and lived for 77 years.

On May 18, 1889, a child named Francesco "Frank" Lentini was born in Sicily, Italy. He surprised everyone because he was born with three legs and four feet.

He was born with a rare medical condition known as "parasitic twin." In which a second embryo could not detach from its twin. And one of the twins has to suffer from this medical condition.

Frank Lentini's third leg grew from his right hip and his fourth foot on his knee. People started calling him with cruel nicknames, so his parents decided to send him to her aunt.

In 1898, Frank Lentini met a professional showman Guiseppe Magnano in Boston and worked with him.

After that, he achieved a lot in life, such as in 1899, he was also on one of the leads in the world-famous Ringling Brothers circus.

Later in life, he learned to joke about his condition and started loving himself.

In 1907 Frank married an actress named Theresa Murray. With her, he had four children. The two later separate, and then he lives his whole life with Helen Shupe.

In America, he found great success and happiness. And at the end, this great man died from lung cancer in 1966.

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