Woman suffering from fibroids gave birth to her first child at the age of 50.

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A journey began in 2008 when Susie and Tony Troxler got married, and they only had a dream of becoming parents like most people.

However, months turned into years, years turned into a decade, but they didn't get good news.

In the beginning, they did not notice anything, but when it's been 11 years, and nothing happened. So they started consulting fertility specialists to find out what was going wrong.

Susie is 50 years old and suffers from uterine fibroids, and Toni is 61 years old and has some medical problems.

In most cases of this age, doctors wouldn't even attempt to help, and they have the additional drawback of their pre-existing medical issues.

Due to this chance of naturally giving birth to a healthy child is significantly low, so they switch to IVF and egg donation. Because of their age, many doctors did not do this and said no.

In the end, they meet an OB-GYN, Dr. Carolyn Harraway-Smith, Who first removed her fibroids by surgery in Jan. 2019 and the egg retrieval in 2020.

Because of the pandemic, they were not able to start the IVF process that year. But when they began implanting the fertilized eggs first few failed and didn't work.

A miracle happened on the last embryo, and an ultrasound confirmed she was pregnant.

On 29 September, a little angel came into this world.

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