A dangerous bacterial disease hospitalized 13 people in New York State.

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Recently a rare bacterial disease was spreading in New York State.

This bacterial disease is transmitted by rat urine. Till now, from this bacterial disease, one is dead, and 13 are hospitalized.

The Health Officials of New York told the number of cases reported this year is higher as compared to the past year.

This bacterial disease is known as Leptospirosis that can be spread from animal to person, And people generally get this bacterial disease from rats.

Those hospitalized are suffering from acute kidney and liver failure; some of them have acute lung disease. Thankfully all of the 13 patients were discharged after the treatment. The thing to note is that many patients in the past have had some rat-infested surroundings.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Leptospirosis can cause more than 1 million infections, including the deaths of 59,000 people annually worldwide. However, cases counts in America approximately 100 to 200 cases are reported every year.

According to the Department of Health, you should avoid contact with rats, unusually places where rats may have urinated if this isn't possible or clean locations. And while cleaning doesn't forget to wear rubber gloves and wash your hands after.

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Disclaimer: This article is not for any medical advice. It is only meant for informational purposes. Please take your doctor's advice before making any decisions that could impact your health.

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