A Highly Infectious Virus Has Arrived Which Is 70% Deadlier Than COVID-19.

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At the time of the deadly COVID -19, several cases of another virus which is 70% more dealy than COVID-19, were reported.

On Sunday, the Southern Indian state known as Kerala is reported the death of a 12-year-old kid from the extremely rare Nipah virus.

The official said by using contact tracing they quarantined a hundred folks who somehow came in contact with the kid.

The official on Tuesday stated that the eight primary contacts had got a negative report is a great relief.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the prediction Nipah virus death rate lies between 40% and 75%, making it more dangerous than the COVID-19.

Also, This year two more cases of the Nipah virus have been recorded in Bangladesh.

Experts suspected that cause of this virus might come from fruits or fruit products which was contaminated by infected fruit bats.

At a late 1990s outbreak in Malaysia Nipah virus first came to be known. Till now, we don't have any vaccine for this virus.

On Wednesday, Health Minister of Kerala Veena George said, "The National Institute of Virology in Pune informed us that they found antibodies against the Nipah virus from the samples of bats that they had collected from a particular place. The Indian Council of Medical Research is doing further studies on this."

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