3 Ways To Get More Eyeballs On Your Content

Richard Fang

If you're a marketer, writer, or anyone that creates content

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Writing content can be tricky, especially if you don't know where to promote your own work. Anyone can start their own blog, but it's challenging to drive initial eyeballs to your content if you just started.

I wanted to write up this guide for some quick tips to get you started if you want to start your own blogging adventure.

1. Promoting On Quora

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I’ve always been a major fan of Quora and it has a wealth of information on it with a great userbase.

It also gives you an opportunity to not only promote your brand but also the content you write.

There are two ways of doing so on Quora:

  • Sharing Content On Spaces
  • Answering Questions

Sharing Content On Spaces

Spaces is a relatively new concept introduced by Quora in 2018. Essentially its Quora attempt to create a community within its platform.

“Spaces, a new feature that allows people to curate collections and form communities around shared interests and tastes”

There are many awesome spaces that you can contribute articles from a wide range of topics (For example, I run a Social Media Space — feel free to submit anything related there!).

Many of the admins of these spaces are happy to share content as long as it’s not too spammy and actually provides value to the community.

Answering Questions


This is the bread and butter of what Quora does.

Answering questions not only provides value back to the Quora community but also helps increase your brand as an “influencer” in the space. Remember many are on Quora are there to learn and educate themselves.

For me, a great way to figure out what I want to write about is to see what topics are being asked about on Quora.

The benefit of doing this is you can easily then reference your own article through that question and build upon it from there.

It’s important once again to provide actual value to the reader before referencing anything so you don’t come off as spam.

2. Communities — Facebook, Linkedin, Forums, and Etc.

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There are many awesome communities out there with passionate people for those in their space. This could be from broad topics like startups all the way to niche groups like horse owners.

I personally love the ones on Facebook as I find the groups much more genuine and keen to share value with each other.

There are plenty out there and the best way to find them is through doing some Google Searches.

For some reference, here are some of my favorite ones in the growth/marketing space:

My best advice is to stick to a few and engage the community initially and provide as much value back as possible (so no content promotion). Once everyone has seen you around for a bit, it’s ok to self promote a bit with your content if relevant.

3. Your Own Social Media

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This is probably the easiest one out of all of the above.

Your audience already knows you and you most likely have more than one social media channel.

The biggest question is: Why are you afraid?

Most people avoid this channel even though it’s the easiest way to share your content to a wide audience.

They get self-conscious with sharing their content to their network over random strangers over the internet.

The most important part to remember however is your friends and network can give you direct personal feedback on your content and would care more for reading it.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to finally post that article onto your Facebook or LinkedIn feed

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