New Funding in California and Bay Area Helps Focus On Documenting Anti-Asian Hate Crime

Richard Fang

This will help document the recent wave of anti-hate around Asian Americans
Rich Pedroncelli / San Diego Union Tribune

Earlier this week, on Monday, California lawmakers approved $1.4 million in funding focused around the recent Asian American hate crisis.

This will help pay for the study and documentation around xenophobia and the hate crimes that Asian Americans have been receiving in the current and last year.

Through the passing of AB 85, which helps provides a mechanism for the State to redirect State health reliagnment of funding. This was secured by Assemblyman Phil Ting of San Francisco.

“The rise in hate incidents against Asian Americans during the pandemic is alarming,” Ting said in a statement Monday. “But, we can’t solve a problem without knowing how big it is. New state funding allows the data gathering to continue, and the research will ultimately lead us to solutions that will make all communities safer.”

A report this month said there were 2808 incidents of anti-Asian hate

Of the 2808 incidents, 1226 took place locally in Calofornia with more than 700 of these incidents taking place in the Bay Area. A report in October had stated that former President Donald Trump was one of the causes that spread the sentiment around anti-Asian through behavior and language such as calling COVID-19 a "China Virus" and "kung flu".

The bill is currently waiting the Governor's signature and will be the latest measure on helping confront anti-asian sentiment. The money will help UCAL's research and data collection efforts to help document incidents.

Additionally, the funding will help Stop AAPi Hate, a project that helps track self-reported incidents of any negative behavior against Asian Americans during the pandemic (one year project).

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