Here Are 3 Marketing Growth Tips For May 2021

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Growth marketing has been getting harder. To find ways to grow without investing money has become almost an impossible feat today with how saturated the market is. However, there are still ways to grow your presence on various platforms if you're willing to put work into it.

I wanted to kickstart a series where I would explore various ways you could grow your marketing with sharp to the point tips.

So let's take a look at some of the advice!

Growing yourself on Quora

I have found that to boost your presence on Quora, you should focus on what I like to call a 1:7 rule. Basically, you should only answer a question that has one answer with seven followers on it as a minimum.

This has been the most effective way of getting myself to 1 million views on Quora. This ensures that the question you're answering is not over-saturated by answers which means you have a higher chance of getting eyeballs on your response.

Quora is a great way also to link your own material, but you shouldn't overpromote it. I would keep it to a 20% ratio where you have some kind of promotion in 1 out of 5 of your answers. In my opinion, with Yahoo Answers shutting down, growing yourself on Quora will be useful for any type of future marketing.

Number 1 rule I have learned for Youtube so far
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I started experimenting with a gaming channel last year to explore the intricacies around growing what supposedly is a very saturated channel. What I learned is that it is still possible to break through all the noise. I've managed to hit 300k + views and 1k subscribers in 6 months from scratch.

The biggest key factor is finding your niche.

I have not seen that much breakthrough around consistency but have found many opportunities via identifying niches. This doesn't even mean sticking to one particular niche, as you can create videos in multiple ones as long as it all relates to each other.

For gaming, for example, you could create a niche around 'puzzle' games, but you don't necessarily have to stick to one puzzle game.

Buttons - Call to action findings

Changing our buttons from blue to red increased our conversion rates by a minimum of 5-10% (on

I found that kind of interesting!

It's known that changing button colors can have a huge influence on conversions, but I didn't know it would be that much. If you have a website, try experimenting with colors and see what type of conversion changes you get!

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