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To help grow your new and small business


I love marketing tools. What do I love more than marketing tools? FREE marketing tools.

I have tested many tools from enterprise-grade level all the way to the one-man startup tools and have found ones I loved and hated. For my own businesses and blogs, however, like you, you are probably bootstrapping (when you are spending your own money on your business, aka no funding) and constantly looking online for tools to help you grow your business.

This guide is meant to offer some of the top 5 tools that I discovered (not your typical google analytics, Facebook manager, SurveyMonkey, etc.) over the years. Although you may have heard some, I am going to pull you some insights into why you should be using these to grow your business.


Although its original intention is like a private and security browser extension, this neat little tool allows you to ‘spy’ on other websites and view what tools they’re using for their business.

You’re probably thinking, why is this useful to you?

Unless you’re the top of the leader in your market (in which case you probably wouldn’t be reading this), there is always something to learn from your competitors. Viewing their stack could allow you to discover ways they’re outmaneuvering you in the market.


This is an awesome tool that I actually trialed out at first in my current job. Like CrazyEgg, it’s a heat mapping tool that allows you to monitor what visitors do on your website.

The best part of this is it’s free to use (up to a certain limit, of course)! I believe one of the best ways to grow your business is to optimize what you currently have. Most of the time, you’d be surprised about your current website and how it could be better improved to increase your ROI and conversions.

This is where HotJar can come in handy on your homepage, asset pages, and even product pages (although you probably would need to get something above a trial for products)


You need creative assets. You need to create an E-Book. You need a poster. You need some business cards.

You get my story here, right?

You’re probably asking, ‘Well don’t I need photoshop or illustrator skills?’

Not with Canva! This extremely powerful graphics tool can do everything listed above and MORE. Try it out, and you’d be amazed at how easy it is to use compared to trying to create your own online or paying a graphic designer.


This tool is severely underrated. I go to so many websites, and I see an extremely vital part of converting a customer missing.

An option for a live chat.

What’s awesome about Drift is that not only is it FREE to start off with, but it allows you to have live conversations with the customer with the option for email sale sequences and slack integrations (in the free tool).


I have been focusing on tools for growing your business through optimizing conversions, so here’s one that will help you grow your business by helping you gather leads. Sumo is a tool I discovered last year, and I implement it for every blog/business I create or do.

With the ability to create pop-ups dependent on the user’s interaction with your website (time spent, scroll depth, etc.), you may be surprised by the number of emails you can get through subscribing the user to your list.

There you go! 

Hopefully, you found one new free tool that you have never heard of or tried before. If you want to know instead of how to set up your email, check out this guide instead.

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