Why You Should Write 'Throwaway' Articles As A Blogger Or Writer

Richard Fang

An article that I know might not perform well but was fun


Writing can be challenging.

As someone who churns out at least 20000 + words a week (minimum) from work, personal freelance gigs, scripts, and emails, blogging on sites like Medium and Newsbreak is a way for me to release stress and also build some brand awareness.

As I’ve grown my presence on these sites, I’ve treated it more seriously, gaining freelance gigs and brand recognition via other platforms like Twitter.

However, there are too many times I’ve been simply burnt out from blogging.

I’ve tried a fair few things, including taking a month's vacation from writing, but those ways are not sustainable. If you want to write without being burnt out continually, it has to be a sustainable method.

Instead, what I’ve found to work really well is to write a throwaway article once a week (or bi-week, depending on my workload).

What’s a throwaway article?

In my definition, a throwaway article is one that you don’t expect to perform necessarily, but you enjoyed writing a lot.

This could be something you have a passion for or something you have an opinion for. It should be comfortable to write without needing to alt-tab constantly to 1000 different sources and references.

Here’s my most recent throwaway article:


Ironically, it got distributed, but still, it was an opinion piece I managed to finish quickly (sorry if the article offends anyone!).

After finishing, I felt like I still accomplished a piece of writing and yet felt like a breath of fresh air.

It gives you a chance to write without worrying if it will perform

I love writing.

When I speak to writers on Medium or other platforms, one of the biggest worries is if an article will perform. After all, many are looking to either make money, grow their presence, or hit a viral article.

This can stress many, especially if the article flops.

Instead, I can take my passion for writing and produce an article I have no reason to worry about.

If it performs, great!

If it doesn’t, it won’t matter anyway since I had no expectation going into it.

Of course, this advice doesn’t apply to everyone

Many times, people who write on websites are simply writing opinion passion pieces already and so don’t feel any stress.

However, most writers spend hours producing that perfect piece of writing and finding that awesome topic they spent hours thinking of. In my opinion, however, this is only sustainable in the short term.

Being able to produce an article where little effort is needed and everything flows is every writer’s dream.

This is why writing a ‘throwaway’ article once in a while feels great.

It might not perform, but you had fun writing it, and that’s what you sometimes need to reset that moment you feel burnt out. That being said, you don’t have to follow my schedule of doing it every week.

Maybe you need it once a month or even longer!

Don’t forget, it’s all about you and how you manage your own feeling of being burnt out.

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