Why I Took A Break From Writing

Richard Fang

I felt pressured to write and that wasn’t what I wanted

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When I first started my adventure on writing, I was ready to kickstart my writing adventures on all kinds of topics.

One of the earliest pieces of advice I received around writing was being consistent and sticking to a schedule.

As time went on, I found more success with a variety of platforms like Medium, with some of my articles doing so well that I started receiving writing offers.

Like in many platforms out there, consistency was critical to ‘success’ and helped me drive not only growth for my brand but also helped me gather views across my articles.

Last month, however, I reached a revelation when I scheduled in my last few articles for publishing.

I was forcing myself to write rather than enjoying it.

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This was the number one problem I wanted to avoid, and it was coming to my attention that I was burning out heavy.

My writing was getting messier, and I wasn’t focusing as much on it. Having published for a year on Medium, even sticking to a consistent schedule, was not helping my situation.

At this rate, I realized I was forcing myself to write just for the sake of it. I still wanted to continue writing on Medium, but it just didn’t feel right to be forcing myself to do something that I didn’t want to do at the time.

This is where I decided to do something about it.

I wanted to try something new

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I am a person who loves to keep busy.

Writing was something perfect for me to throw sometime in and develop not only my writing skills but also keep busy.

I decided the only way to keep this was to continue being busy but on a different medium. This is where I thought I’d try something completely different from writing and started working on videos instead.

This not only allowed me to expand my skill set but also give me a chance to refresh my mind and work on something new.

It was a much-needed reset

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Having stopped writing for a month, I feel much more refreshed and energized to return.

Many say consistency is key, and there is no doubt that is the truth.

However, if it is at the cost of burning out and affecting your mental health, in my opinion, it’s not worth trying to fight it.

Instead, why not take some time off before coming back with your focus high.

If you’re like me and you like to be busy, try something else or maybe even mix activities up (if you have the time) so you have some variety in your work.

Even now, I am back to writing but still learning videos, and I’ve been enjoying this combo.

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