Why Your Sundays Should be Lazy

Richard Fang

Do you have yours with sugar?
‘Skinny Cap please, no sugar’.

That’s my order every Sunday when I visit my local cafe with a book in hand or my laptop ready to wind down for the week.

But things weren’t always like this.

Let me first say I am a bit of a workaholic and this article might be tailored towards those similar.

I used to always work on weekends and often forced myself to be productive for the sake of being productive.

Sundays were especially my days to buckle down and get some extra work done around my side projects or simply just learn new things such as undertaking coding courses.

But I started to burn out.

I watched my productivity levels drop every week and couldn’t figure out why I started to feel like this. I still wanted to do more but my mind would be blocked every time.

This lead to procrastination where I would have long sessions doing other things such as watching chains of Youtube videos (to be fair who hasn’t done this!) and often resulted in dropping short of the goals I wanted to reach during that day.

This would be a constant struggle on a weekly basis where some weekends I could do work and others I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

This would last until the end of the year where I had a holiday scheduled for a good three weeks overseas.

I realized it was the perfect time to clear my head and restart.

When I was back I was fully refreshed but this time I decided to do things differently instead of falling into the same black hole again.

I changed my mentality.

I knew that diving head straight into work would burn me out and be unsustainable.

I decided to be lazy like I was on holiday.

I planned it out that I would still do work on a Saturday but do other things that aren’t work-related on a Sunday.

There is always a negative perception of being lazy and I always avoided it but here I am doing exactly what I didn’t want to do.

I headed to my local cafe on the first Sunday back and had my book ready and my laptop on standby (in Australia we can still go to cafes!). There I was enjoying my coffee in the morning and then my lunch reading a book which then lead to hopping onto my laptop to enjoy the rest of the afternoon doing something else that wasn’t work related.

What surprised me was that I felt refreshed and hungry to go back to work on Monday after a full day of doing nothing.

I maintained my normal levels of energy throughout the week even as the weekend hit and it continued for the next few weeks as well.

I was surprised that my Saturdays became even more productive than ever before with a more refreshed mind.

Now I am not saying that you should always throw your Sunday out the window. If needed, just take a break for a few hours to get your mind off things, or perhaps you prefer taking the Saturday off.

It’s up to you.

Especially with COVID-19, going out might not be possible where you live. Humans are funny and different things work for different people but the moral of the story is obvious by now.

Be a bit lazy.

What I realized is being productive is all a mental game. The better your mentality is the more work you can get done.

Sometimes you need a mental break and if your brain and body don’t get one, it continues to be uncooperative.

Keeping that in check every week and giving yourself ample lazy time will ensure that you get the most out of your week you workaholic.

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