Even if you don't have an account, Facebook has advised millions to check it immediately

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Millions told to check Facebook immediately:(Cottonbro studio/Pexels)

Even if you've never signed up for the social network, Facebook might already have your phone number and email address.

It's possible that whoever has your contact information and has uploaded their phone address book to the platform is unaware that they've essentially given Facebook owner Meta the information.

This includes Instagram and Messenger, two other apps from the company.

It makes sense that some people might feel uneasy about the internet giant holding onto their personal information.

Thankfully, Facebook has a hidden feature that lets you ask for your phone number or email address to be deleted.

Facebook warns that "someone may have uploaded their address book containing your contact information to Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram."

"You can ask us to confirm whether we have your phone number or email address.

"If we do, you can ask us to remove it from our database of address books."

"We need to keep a copy in our block list to prevent it from being posted to this database again through someone's address book."

It's annoying that you can only request one piece of data at a time.

Therefore, you are unable to request the deletion of your email, landline, and mobile devices all at once.

You'll need to submit each request separately.

How can I get my phone number removed from Facebook?

By going to the website, you can do so right now.

Remember that you can only submit one request at a time, so choose the type of data you want to have deleted.

If you choose a phone number, make sure the area code is set to the appropriate country.

Next, select where you want Facebook to get your personal information from.

To be on the safe side, it is probably simpler to simply check both boxes.

I hope this helps you safeguard the privacy of your Facebook account.

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