Now you can enjoy IKEA without burning a hole in your pocket.

Richa Khare
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My all-time favourite place to hang out when I can’t decide where to go is IKEA. And I’m sure it must be so for many of you as well. Every time I visit the store, I’m transported to a magical world. All my wishes come true and I feel as if I’m living in my dream house.

Until, of course, I reach the billing counter and see the final bill. “What the hell?”, every time this thought strikes me with full force. When and how did I buy so much stuff? Then the next struggle is to fit everything in the car. Seats are folded and all our creativity comes into play. Children are made to sit in a single seat with their legs folded. Because, of course, there’s stuff on the floor as well.

When we reach home and open everything, the next few days are spent assembling each piece we bought. It becomes a family bonding(read arguing) time. Everyone gives their input as to where the next piece should go because deciphering the instruction manual is a wonder in itself.

The low point comes when we realise that we bought another table despite having half a dozen at home!

So, after much thought(and many bucks lighter), I’ve comprised a list of ways to how we can minimise the amount we spend in the store. Some of my ideas might seem ridiculous and outrageous to you but believe me, they help in the long run.

1. Don’t visit the store on a full stomach

Yes, you read it right. Everyone knows that we shouldn’t go shopping on an empty stomach. But if you go to IKEA with a full stomach you’ll end up buying extra stuff because you’ll be full of energy to explore the store at leisure. And you’ll pick up stuff which you just don’t need. Instead, spend time in their awesome food court after shopping for a while. Relaxing at the food court will still prove cheaper than spending time inside the store.

2. Take the smaller car

Unless you are going with a plan to buy some big furniture for the house, I recommend taking the smaller car. Because then, even if you’re tempted to buy something which you don’t need, you’ll give it a second thought. And whenever we give a second thought at shopping, we usually see through our folly and dismiss the item.

3. Use the shortcuts inside the store

IKEA provides shortcuts in between. Use them. Don’t need anything from the bedroom section? Take the shortcut just before and go to the lights section instead. The longer we spend in different sections, the greater the chances of picking up unwanted and useless items. By taking shortcuts, you can avoid picking unwanted things.

4. Set a time limit

This technique is very efficient in saving you both time and money. Every time you visit the store, set an alarm. It might be one hour, two hours or more depending on how much time you require inside the store. Once the alarm goes off, proceed to the billing counter. After I started this practice, I avoided unnecessary strolling in the store and aimless picking of items.

5. Always visit the bargain As-Is section

Make it a point to visit IKEA’s As-Is section at the last, just before the billing counter. Most of the time that section has some really good stuff at amazing prices. But you need to be careful. Don’t buy something just because the price is good, but you have no use for it.

These are my ways of enjoying IKEA and not feeling the burden. Try these and give the feedback.

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